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Intraboom brings all your collaboration, messages, tasks, files and schedules into one place. It gets you organized – across teams, locations and time zones.

Intraboom in a nutshell:

  • The all-in-one digital workplace
  • A fully mobile cloud-based intranet
  • Simple and secure
  • Real time updates
  • Zero configuration, no learning curve
  • Collaborate with anyone
  • Communicate, share files and media, schedule and manage tasks
  • Keep teamwork on track without email
  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Spend less time looking for things and more time being productive
  • The most powerful teamwork and project tools – in your pocket.

    Less tools = more productivity
    Intraboom brings everything together into a single solution


    Your dashboards make it easy to follow all your group activities and keep everything organized at your fingertips.


    The bulletin is a great way to communicate with maximum transparency and engagement.


    Group calendars keep everyone informed, and you can import important events to your personal calendar, too.


    Tasks will keep your projects on track. Assign responsible persons and always stay current on due dates.


    Staying organized is easy through creating your own file structures and sharing documents in real time.


    Gallery promotes social networking in the workplace through sharing and commenting of photos and videos.


    Have all your group and team contact information available where the communication is taking place.


    Invite feedback and encourage participation through discussions – all in one place for easy reference.


    Private messaging, online chat and text messaging all in one place. No more browsing through endless emails.

    Intraboom is free
    for your employees, clients and partners.

    You pay for the users in your groups. The people you invite to join them
    use Intraboom for free.


    ‘’The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. It makes keeping up with project deadlines and communicating across multiple departments extremely simple.’’

    Christina Foncree, Data Analyst, Dignity Health
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Very helpful! Keeps you reminded about everyday tasks. Overall a great app!’’

    Dayzhane Anderson, Sales Associate, Forever21
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Really awesome app to use. I can stay in touch with my coworkers and share ideas. Is a must tool we use everyday at the office.’’

    Yessie Torreblanca, Leasing Desk, Southwood Realty
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Well designed user interface, slick and clean looking. Very intuitive and well thought out. A pleasure to use.’’

    Tony Clark, CEO, BAV
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Easy and fun to use!’’

    Ekaterina Sheliga, Retirement Plan Consultant, AJG
    Capterra Review

    ‘’The software is easy to use, intuitive, takes the principle ‘everything integrated,’ and they have very good support.’’

    Gustavo Klein Martins, Administrator, Santa Cruz Metalicas
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Quite useful to integrate into production, and having cross-platform compatibility is very useful.’’

    Adam McCoid, Director Of Photography, Reel Life Cinematography
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Quite useful to integrate into production, and having cross-platform compatibility is very useful.’’

    Adam McCoid, Director Of Photography, Reel Life Cinematography
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Great product that had our team running much smoother!’’

    Patrick Snyder, Executive Director, USASBE
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Intraboom gives you the flexibility to organize your team and be in one mindset for projects. You can count on being productive when utilizing Intraboom.’’

    Michael Cupeles, Policy Council Chairman, Gateway CAP
    Capterra Review

    ‘’This software is perfect for keeping a large company connected together as one. It is motivating and fun to use!’’

    Laura Merritt, Leasing Consultant, Southwood Realty
    Capterra Review

    ‘’Very easy to navigate and helpful for communicating with other managers.’’

    Catherine Alexander, Director, Lilypad Garden School
    Capterra Review

    ‘’I'm a computer consultant, and the application hits the mark. Meets my expectations. Very Good.’’

    Jhonnathan Colmenares, Chairman, Turboven Company INC.
    Capterra Review

    Case Study

    How NextMesh realized

    productivity savings of more than $1,000 / month / team member - just by using
    Intraboom. That’s a R.O.I. of 8000%+!

    Safe and Secure Collaboration

    Intraboom applies the highest security standards, including SSL encryption, to keep all our clients’ information safe and secure.

    Our system’s security standards are aligned with those of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, where Intraboom is hosted. We apply geo-redundant back ups and database encryption. For more information on Microsoft Azure security standards, please visit the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

    Intraboom is trusted by companies across a wide
    range of industries, world-wide.

    Benefits of Intraboom:

  • Fosters online collaboration
  • Improves team communication
  • Drives up employee engagement
  • Boosts a positive working atmosphere

  • Combines social interaction with superior organization

  • Brings efficiencies to project management and collaboration

  • Intraboom is the "Wonder App" for Intra Team Communication

    Intraboom is one of the most comprehensive online team collaboration tools on the market. The system is simple and easy to use. That’s because it was designed be end-users – not engineers. Intraboom includes file and media sharing, discussion boards, IM, direct messaging, shared calendars and tasks – all archived and searchable for later reference.

    Intraboom facilitates remote collaboration, so that employees can work from anywhere and on any device.

    Transparent team communication ensures everyone is on the same page in real time. Just follow an activity feed and you’re always up to speed.

    If you are a business looking to improve both your internal office communication and external collaboration, Intraboom is the solution for you. With Intraboom, you can collaborate with anyone. Intraboom provides a feature-rich digital workplace with the best online collaboration tools combined into one. With Intraboom, you can expect to increase efficiency, productivity and engagement across your teams and projects.