Like many other software products, Intraboom was born out of frustration. Our founder was an attorney (but don’t hold that against her!) who simply had enough of the 15 different software systems she was forced to use on a daily basis.

“Why not combine everything into one?” “Why is everything so disorganized on these systems (yes, Basecamp, I mean you)?” “Why are these systems so complicated?” “Who the hell designs these systems?” Those are the questions that led our founder Christine, who had no technical background at all, to embark on the exciting path of creating Intraboom back in 2013.

Watch our CEO Christine’s introduction to Intraboom!

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When designing Intraboom, Christine did something different. She didn’t talk to engineers. She only talked to end-users to find out what they wanted a system like Intraboom to do. In fact, there were exactly zero engineers and developers involved in designing Intraboom right up until the day we started coding. Yup, that’s why it’s so SIMPLE. Because it was designed by normal people…

But simplicity is just one of the strengths of Intraboom. Another strength came a bit later.

We realized that the world was changing, and that people (especially millennials) were starting to work more and more on their mobile phones. They wanted to get more done using their phones – not just monitor emails (while browsing through Instagram and Snapchat). So we took that, and made Intraboom into a similar experience. Just scroll down your feed, and you’re up to speed, that’s it!

And that brings us to today. We are the single most user-friendly digital workplace for teamwork and projects out there. An all-in-one system that with zero configuration and no learning curve, that allows you or work anytime, anywhere, on your computer or on your phone. Yes, you read that right: Thanks to Intraboom, you can actually get things DONE on your phone.

Intraboom ‘s headquarters are located in Scottsdale, AZ. Our team is a group of highly motivated and committed individuals, who will stop at nothing to provide the best possible service and to see our customers succeed.

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