Use Case: Consulting & Advisory Services

A client portal, team chat and project management tool – all in one.

Consulting companies, large and small, are relying on Intraboom to keep track of all their clients and projects. These include business advisors, accountants, auditors, attorneys and more.

With the ability to create internal and external groups, and monitor everything through one seamless interface, you can now truly keep everything in one place. That means less time looking for things and more time getting things done.

Discussion boards, file sharing, tasks, group calendars and instant messaging are among our most utilized features in the consulting community. Sifting through endless email s is a thing of the past when everyone can access the latest materials and information in real time on Intraboom.


  • Intraboom is the centralized place to keep track of all your clients, cases, projects, correspondence, and documents
  • Find and share files directly from your mobile device
  • Keep everyone in the loop about latest developments and important messages in real time
  • Provide an additional layer of service by answering simple questions though online chat
  • Intraboom keeps you more organized and as a client portal, it provides a enhanced service experience to your clients
  • With one centralized platform to keep track of, store and share data, you and your team gain efficiencies and increase productivity by 20-25%
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    How Consulting and Advisory Service Providers Are Using Intraboom

    The Activity Feed

    The centralized activity feed helps you stay on top of all your projects and discussions in real time and on the go, without a need to click through multiple emails. You can monitor everything in a single feed, or filter your view to a particular client or project as you wish. Say goodbye to email clutter and hello to Intraboom!

    Bulletin and Discussion Boards

    One of the most effective ways to share best practices is by utilizing bulletin and discussion boards. You can start a new thread on any topic, and this way the information will be available to everyone in the selected group. Eliminate those burdensome "reply all" emails once and for all.

    Group Calendars

    Intraboom offers a centralized calendar to help you keep track of all your events and deadlines. Group members are able to monitor the events and submit comments to them. Meeting agendas, minutes and other material can be attached or linked to the calendar items for easy reference.

    File Sharing

    Intraboom removes the need for separate file sharing systems – since everything is stored in one place, your team will always have access to the latest documentation. You can also share files with clients by creating separate groups with them, or by creating links to any particular files that they need access to.

    Group Chat

    Intraboom’s instant messaging functionality offers great added value, not only for internal team chat purposes, but also for client communication. The additional layer of accessibility to their consultants is highly valued by clients. Online chat is available both one-on-one as well as for groups.

    Task Management

    Task management on Intraboom is effective and transparent. You can create a new group for each client, or each project, and manage all the tasks in one place. Tasks are also collaborative, so people can comment and contribute. You can also give your client access to the group so that they can stay up to speed without a separate need for an update calls or meetings.

    “Easy and fun to use. We are using it as a CRM of sorts and it's proving useful for projects for clients. We have different people assigned to different projects so useful to keep track.”

    Ekaterina Sheliga, Retirement Plan Consultant, AJG
    Capterra Review