Use Case: Retail

Intraboom is the one-stop-shop for managing your retail team.

Intraboom brings together your company, your people and the information they need to work together efficiently. It aligns your workforce around common goals and keeps people connected across teams and locations. It boosts engagement and helps you build culture at the workplace. Since in retail, a large part of the workforce is not tied to a computer, being mobile is key.

With functions such as bulletin boards and real time activity feeds, your employees will always be engaged. You will be able to cultivate a sense of belonging, resulting in reduced turnover and increased productivity.


  • A mobile intranet means your personnel will always be connected
  • Faster onboarding of new employees
  • Efficient task management on the go
  • A mobile intranet increases social interaction and builds a sense of community
  • Access to information anywhere and anytime creates efficiencies and saves you money
  • Intraboom is trusted by companies across a wide range of industries, world-wide.

    And it's not just a desktop solution - this all-in-one wonder-app fits in your pocket, too.

    We dare say that Intraboom provides a superior user experience on mobile. Download the free app and try it out today!

    How to Use Intraboom in Retail

    The Activity Feed

    Every corporate intranet should have an activity feed - staying up to speed has never been so easy! Simply scroll down your feed and submit your comments where you want to. Stay connected and engaged - no matter where you are.

    Bulletin and Discussion Boards

    Notify your staff of important policies and use the bulletin board as a newsroom. Initiate engaging and transparent discussions on the discussion board. Utilize Intraboom as a social zone, where everyone is encouraged to contribute and collaborate.

    Group Calendars

    Keep everyone up to speed on company-wide or store-specific events and encourage discussions around them through commenting. Attach event-related menus, maps, agendas and other materials to the events.

    File Sharing

    Use Intraboom as your governance center by keeping those important brand assets, templates, forms and manuals available to everyone. Intraboom allows you to access, share and organize files effectively even on your mobile phone. All your data is safe on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

    Group Chat

    No need to deploy separate instant messaging systems - private group chat functionality, as well as offline messaging and archiving, are all part of this comprehensive mobile intranet system.

    Task Management

    Assign and monitor tasks, and promote teamwork. Task management on Intraboom is effective and transparent. Tasks are also collaborative, so anyone in the group can comment and contribute.

    “Great reminder! You can list tasks on the app and the person who's responsible for doing them. Overall a great app!!”

    Dayzhane Anderson, Sales Associate, Forever21
    Capterra Review