Use Case: Courses & Training

One platform. So much functionality.

Using a separate software system to manage online courses and training can be burdensome both to administrators and to users. Not only do you have to learn how to use the software, but you have to separately access it, thereby creating an unnecessary “toggle” between multiple systems.

With Intraboom, you can simply create a new project for courses and training within a corporate intranet that you are already using. Everything is simple to use and consolidated into one place. Save time and increase efficiency by switching to one all-encompassing platform. Intraboom does it all.

Features and Benefits:

  • Shared files for distributing and storing course materials
  • Bulletin and discussion boards for notifications and networking
  • Group calendars to share training and meet-up schedules
  • Task management for coordinating assignments
  • Add a custom link button to live streaming, and use online chat for real-time Q&A
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    How to Use Intraboom for Courses & Training

    The Activity Feed

    Intraboom’s activity feed keeps everyone constantly updated on what's going on with the training. Everyone can comment on the items posted, so it's a great way to engage the participants outside of those training days!

    Bulletin and Discussion Boards

    Bulletin and discussion boards motivate the participants to be active in the training. The organizer can post the latest news and updates (including, for example, links to most recent training materials) on the board. Anyone taking part in the training can also start a new discussion thread on the discussion boards when they want to get input from the group.

    Group Calendars

    The group calendar provides an easy way to stay on top of the training schedule, meetings, and events. You can attach maps, agendas, and training materials directly to the events.

    File Sharing

    Presentations and other training materials should be posted in the Files section so that the group can access them after the training days. The Gallery, on the other hand, can be used for sharing photos and video clips along the way.

    Group Chat

    Instant messaging is a great way to network with other course participants and to have informal conversations. It lowers the barriers to contacting others taking part in the course/training.

    Task Management

    Any course work to be completed remotely can be posted in Tasks. Materials, as well as questions or comments related to the tasks, can be attached directly to the tasks for easy reference.

    External Links

    Link your live training sessions to the group page with a custom link button to enable participants to always find the correct site to join the live training. Utilize Intraboom's online chat to keep the session interactive by posting comments and questions in the chat channel.

    “What sold me on this system is its simplicity. Intraboom's interface feels similar to a social media platform and all the tools feel familiar. This made it easy for us to adopt the system without opposition, we didn’t even have to give any training.”

    Ville Ailio, CEO, Bond St Consulting
    Capterra Review