Use Case: Due Diligence Processes

Communication challenges in a DD process can be wiped out with Intraboom.

Due Diligence processes involve a number of internal and external participants, and information flow is often limited. Email is a burdensome and archaic way to handle the process, and things can easily slip through the cracks.

Intraboom provides an easy way for advisors and clients to manage the DD process. This unique mobile intranet platform allows you to create internal and external discussion groups for the project. You may elect to include, e.g., advisors and target company representatives in the external groups.

Features and Benefits:

  • Discussions within groups are transparent to all group members. Financial and legal advisors stay on top of each other's red and yellow flags, and nothing slips through the cracks.
  • The deal team can monitor the internal and external discussions in one centralized place. Real-time transparency decreases the need for emails and meetings.
  • Features include discussion boards, shared files, task management, project calendars and chat - everything that you need to efficiently collaborate on a DD project.
  • Access from anywhere and anytime creates efficiencies and saves you time and money.
  • Intraboom is trusted by companies across a wide range of industries, world-wide.

    And it's not just a desktop solution - this all-in-one wonder-app fits in your pocket, too.

    We dare say that Intraboom provides a superior user experience on mobile. Download the free app and try it out today!

    How to Use Intraboom in a DD Process

    The Activity Feed

    The activity feed keeps you updated on everything that's going on with the different groups involved in your DD process. And giving your input on the fly has never been so easy! Simply scroll down your feed and submit your comments. Stay updated no matter where you are.

    Bulletin and Discussion Boards

    Bulletin and discussion boards are a great way to interact and discuss important issues in an organized way, keeping everything in topic-based discussion threads. Because the discussions are transparent to the group, everyone can weigh in and nothing falls through the cracks.

    Group Calendars

    The group calendar provides an easy way to stay on top of meetings and deadlines, and any other important dates relevant to your project. You can also attach event-related materials such as agendas, checklists, agreement drafts etc., directly to the events.

    File Sharing

    Intraboom combines seamless file and media sharing into the platform. Files are organized into folders and subfolders, so they are easy to locate by anyone in the group, and easy to access on the go. All your data is safely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

    Group Chat

    Instant messaging is a great feature to have when coordinating the DD process - hit your advisors up with a quick question or start a group chat to iron out the details of a red flag or discuss a provision in the SPA.

    Task Management

    Task management on Intraboom is transparent and effective. The todo lists are clear and easy to follow so there is no confusion on status or responsibilities. And any material associated with the task is attached directly to it. On Intraboom, tasks are collaborative so everyone in the project group can comment and contribute.

    “Well designed user interface, slick and clean looking. Very intuitive and well thought out. A pleasure to use.”

    Tony Clark, CEO, BAV
    Capterra Review