Use Case: Field Services & Construction

Trying to get your business more organized? Look no further.

80% of construction professionals are already using mobile devices when managing projects. Digital workplaces are becoming an important part of the modern tool belt. Intraboom is proud to be a part of this evolution.

Many of our customers are in field services and construction. Some of the things they like best are Intraboom’s simplicity and versatility. The dashboard helps you keep track of all the important files, tasks, schedules, and other information. And with text messaging from computer to mobile, a group can be instantly informed about urgent matters.


  • A mobile intranet that keeps all your on-site and on-the-go workers connected
  • Access to information anywhere and anytime creates efficiencies and saves you money
  • Productivity increases by at least 20-25%
  • Information sharing and transparency among supervisors and coworkers increase drastically
  • Coordination of projects and tasks becomes effective and efficient - everyone is always kept in the loop
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    Intraboom is trusted by companies across a wide range of industries, world-wide.

    And it's not just a desktop solution - this all-in-one wonder-app fits in your pocket, too.

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    How Field Services & Construction Businesses are Using Intraboom

    The Activity Feed

    The activity feed is the best way to keep track of all your projects - staying up to speed has never been so easy! Simply scroll down your feed and submit your comments where you want to. Stay connected and engaged - no matter where you are.

    Bulletin and Discussion Boards

    Post announcements and start new discussion threads, share information and best practices, ask for advice from your coworkers. Eliminate those company-wide "reply all" emails once and for all.

    Group Calendars

    Keep everyone up to speed on important meetings, deadlines and inspection dates with project-specific group calendars. Attach agendas, design files, photos and other materials on the events.

    File Sharing

    Keep those important agreements, punch lists, and other documents available to everyone with Intraboom's built-in file sharing system. Create folders and sub-folders so that you can easily locate relevant material anytime.

    Group Chat

    No need to deploy separate instant messaging systems - private group chat functionality, as well as offline messaging and archiving, are all part of this comprehensive intranet system.

    Task Management

    Create tasks on your computer, or on the fly using your mobile device. Assign due dates and workers, attach photos, and link the tasks to design files for easy reference. Tasks are collaborative, so everyone in the project group can comment and contribute to them.

    “I like the overall simplicity and fast process of making everything user friendly for the administrator and the rest of the team. You can count on being productive when utilizing Intraboom.”

    Michael Cupeles, Policy Council Chairman, Gateway CAP
    Capterra Review