Use Case: Team & Project Management

Intraboom is the simple and easy way to manage your team and keep projects on track.

Effective communication and project management are known to lower costs, improve efficiency, enhance employee, customer, and stakeholder satisfaction, and offer a greater competitive advantage.

Intraboom offers a simple and easy way to manage projects and tasks, with an unbeatable ROI. Users can expect to see an increase of 20-25% in productivity. According to a recent survey, Intraboom customers saw savings of up to $1,000 per team member per month on project-based work.

Intraboom can solve these problems:

  • Access to real time updates is disparate and limited
  • Meetings, calls and e-mails are needed just to keep everyone updated
  • Time is wasted looking for data
  • Onboarding new team/project members is time consuming

Results achieved with Intraboom:

  • One person can coordinate more project more effectively, decreased need for phone calls and updates with increased client satisfaction
  • Fewer internal meetings
  • Project discussions, files, schedules, and tasks can be easily found and accessed in real time
  • New team/project members can get up to speed just by reading background on Intraboom

Features and Benefits:

  • Shared task boards and group calendars, compatible with Google and Outlook
  • Discussion boards, shared files and media, chat - everything that you need to efficiently collaborate on tasks and projects
  • Real-time transparency decreases the need for emails and meetings
  • Access to tasks anywhere and anytime creates efficiencies and saves you money
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    Intraboom is trusted by companies across a wide range of industries, world-wide.

    And it's not just a desktop solution - this all-in-one wonder-app fits in your pocket, too.

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    How to Use Intraboom for Team & Project Management

    The Activity Feed

    The activity feed keeps you updated on everything that's going on with your team's projects. And giving your input on tasks assigned to others has never been so easy! Simply scroll down your feed and submit your comments where you want to. Stay updated no matter where you are.

    Bulletin & Discussion Boards

    Bulletin and discussion boards motivate team and project members to interact on matters that are not directly associated with specific tasks. These additional communication channels ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

    Group Calendars

    The group calendar provides an easy way to stay on top of milestones and deadlines, but also on relevant meetings and other events related to your projects. You can also attach event-related materials such as menus, maps, agendas, etc., directly to the events.

    File Sharing

    No need for a separate system to store and share files - now you can keep everything in one place. Intraboom offers the most organized file sharing system directly built into an all-in-one task management and collaboration system. All your data is safely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

    Group Chat

    Instant messaging is a great feature to have available when coordinating tasks, as well as desktop to mobile text messaging - all included in Intraboom's comprehensive task management system.


    Task management on Intraboom is transparent and effective. The todo lists are clear and easy to follow so there is no confusion on status or responsibilities. And any material associated with the task is attached directly to it. On Intraboom, tasks are collaborative so everyone in the team or project group can comment and contribute.

    “Very easy to navigate and helpful for communicating to other managers. I like the task board and delegation tools. The discussion forums are easily viewable to see all conversations still pending. Great to delegate specific managers to a certain task.”

    Catherine Alexander, Director, Lilypad Garden School
    Capterra Review