5 Ways to Empower Your Team

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 9/27/2016 6:22:55 PM

5 Ways to Empower Your Team

It takes a powerful team to drive any organization towards success, and powerful teams can only be created by a strong leadership and engaged members. While each member of the team brings a set of capabilities, many leaders fail to provide the right platform where those capabilities are efficiently utilized. This results in decreased employee morale and productivity. 

In order to make sure every member is putting their best efforts, you need to make sure you have empowered your team. You need to make them feel appreciated and valued. Give them the right opportunities to grow individually as well as a part of the team.

Here are five things to consider on the path to empowerment:

1. Stop Micromanaging

The reason many managers fail at ‘managing’ is because they are obsessed with having control over everything and everyone. This leads to micromanaging employee activity and behavior to the extent where employees feel bound. Give them some air to breathe, let them retain their character, and don’t force them to act and behave a certain way all the time. Studies prove that providing autonomy and freedom to work the way they want is the best way to keep employees happy and productive.  

2. Offer Ownership

No one likes to be robbed of their due credit. Successful organizations today believe in letting their employees own their work. Reducing the number of levels through which their work passes in order to get approval is vital to empowering them with more roles and responsibilities. Studies prove that employees tend to be more proactive and productive when they know they have the freedom to claim responsibility of the final work.

3. Lower Stress Levels

Stress is productivity’s arch nemesis. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t realize how stressful their work environment is. Those who do, enjoy higher employee retention and productivity rates. Some of the most successful corporations today go out of their way to make sure their employees have enough stress relieving options. This includes everything from an airy office space and fun activities (massages, Taco Tuesdays, etc.) to generous retirement plans and vacation policies. 

4. Share Information

Lastly, the most important aspect of empowering your team is doing more than just telling them that you consider them equally valuable; ensure transparent information sharing. There is nothing wrong with sharing information with those you expect to help you achieve the success your dream of. Sharing information helps employees understand better, and therefore, the efficiency increases along with productivity. 


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