Good Vibes at Work — Creating a Positive and Productive Environment

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 10/4/2016 9:58:25 PM


Good Vibes at Work — Creating a Positive and Productive Environment

Have you ever tried searching for office pictures of corporations like Google or Virgin? They look better than most vacation destinations. Why? These companies are trying to create a stress free environment with positive vibes. 

Modern organizations realize that creating a comfortable and stress free environment is vital to better productivity and efficiency. Studies show that positivity influences productivity, and employee turnover for organizations that ensure such an aura is extremely low. Employees look forward to coming to work every day, and are able to give their best. 

Some companies (for example, in Sweden) are also introducing 6-hour workdays because a motivated worker putting in 6 hours (and appreciating the extra two off) trumps an 8-hour workday by a less motivated employee easily in productivity.

However, positive environment is not just about exuberant office settings and shorter workdays. There is a lot we can all do to foster positive energy and good vibes at the workplace. Here are a few ideas:

Know Where to Begin

Charity begins at home and change begins from self. If you want people around you to change, you need to be the change. Well, that is a lot of clichéd talk but if you think about, it really does mean a lot. Negativity is contagious. If your energy level is low, your team will feel the impact. Try to nurture positive thoughts and feelings, and you will feel more positive energy inside and around you. 

Look for Triggers

If you feel negative energy around you, look for possible triggers. There are many things that can bring the energy down. It can be something as menial as dysfunctional coffee machine or a more serious issue such as bad behavior of a single employee. Focus on eliminating those triggers. If there is any person involved in causing negativity through their behavior, don’t sweep it under the rug. Address the issue head-on and try helping the person improve.

Provide Boost

It is wishful to expect that everyone reports to work in their best mood. There can be many reasons, outside the work life, that can create stress and negativity. When people arrive at work with low energy, they may bring down the energy level of the whole place. Again, that is why smart organizations go out of their way to provide stress-relieving activities. It doesn’t have to be a hammock or a video game room. It can even be a colorful cubical or a nice area where you can sit, relax, and communicate while enjoying their coffee.

Create an Environment of Openness and Transparency

Creating an environment where everyone can communicate freely and openly, and socialize with each other in the process, is important when it comes to good vibes. This is where Intraboom can help. It creates an easily accessible channel among employees, where they can exchange thoughts, contribute to each other’s work, and socialize while getting work done and boosting engagement.

In Conclusion

By building a positive environment, you can create a stronger bond with your whole team. Employees are more likely to show up at work on time, and despite all the distractions, they are more likely to be more productive. 


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