Using Too Many Systems is Hurting Your Business

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 5/16/2017 5:10:58 PM


Using Too Many Systems is Hurting Your Business

Most executives already know that a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a project. In fact, according to a report published by Fierce, Inc., 86% of employees cite lack of collaboration as the main reason for workplace failures.

So what does a lack of alignment actually look like? It means using Dropbox for files. Then switching to Outlook for calendaring. Then logging into G-chat for informal conversations, but sometimes texting instead. And writing to-do lists on Post-It notes that no one else can see. That’s a lack of alignment. And it means you’re all over the place.

Access to What You Need, When You Need It

If you’re using too many systems, you’re actually reducing the accessibility to relevant information. You’re just making it more difficult to find what you need, when you need it. According to a report by Accenture, 59% of middle managers miss valuable information every day because they can’t find it or never see it in the first place. The report also mentions that 57% of managers feel that having to go to numerous sources to gather information is a laborious aspect of managing information for their jobs.

So how does using too many channels of communication hurt your business?

  • - Communication silos are built resulting in a lack of big-picture thinking
  • - Teams aren’t sharing resources which leads to a duplication of efforts
  • - Some employees aren’t up to speed, increasing the overall number of errors
  • - Collecting up-to-date information is time consuming and inefficient
  • - Employees are less engaged and overall efficiency is drastically reduced
  • Using Online Collaboration to Align Your Team

  • Luckily there’s an answer: online collaboration. These platforms act as a hub of information providing transparency to each member of the team. Everyone has access to the same information at the same time, increasing efficiency and giving everyone a sense of the big picture. And at the end of the day, effective collaboration ensures that your team is working as a single unit towards achieving common goals.


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