Why Coworking Spaces Rock!

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 11/10/2016 10:52:23 PM


Why Coworking Spaces Rock!

Only a few years ago, coworking spaces (as we understand them today) were still relatively rare. The closest thing to them were perhaps executive suites, which provided small businesses the opportunity to rent out a desk and take advantage of joint meeting rooms as well as some other joint amenities. The biggest difference between the traditional executive suites and modern coworking spaces can be defined as “community.” Executive suites were designed to offer isolated workspaces whereas modern coworking spaces are designed to create opportunities for networking, while taking full advantage of a great community atmosphere.

A big and relevant change that has contributed to the success of coworking spaces is the general change in attitude towards companies utilizing such spaces. In the past, lack of your own office space could easily be perceived as lack of credibility. These days, being located in a cool coworking space is more a testament to your company’s ”hip” status than anything else.

As the workforce has become extensively mobile, businesses have realized that employees’ productivity can no longer be judged by the number of hours spent on their workstations. The more liberty and flexibility they get in terms of choosing their working hours and space, the more productive and efficient they can be.

All of the above is why, despite their amazing office buildings, large corporations like Google and Amazon offer their employees the opportunity to work in coworking spaces across the world. While one might think that these companies are big enough to afford such risks, it is the smaller businesses that can benefit the most from coworking spaces. 

Shared Resources

One of the biggest advantages of coworking spaces is the number of facilities they can offer. Startups and small businesses may not be able to offer all these facilities to their employees due to the high cost. From free coffee to a ping pong table and comfortable furniture, people tend to get more bang for the buck. All the tools and resources directly influence the productivity levels for people working in such spaces. 

Creative Community

Coworking spaces tend to provide a more energetic environment than a typical office. Most people who crowd such spaces belong to the creative and innovative communities, working passionately for their dreams. Many people prefer working in such shared spaces due to the positive and creative vibe they offer. Around 71 percent of people working in coworking spaces say they experience a boost in creativity when working in this type of environment.  

Networking Opportunities

Another reason coworking spaces have thrived over the last few years is the amount of networking opportunities people have discovered in such environments. As said, it is a creative community flocked by highly talented people. This is where people get found. Employers find employees, entrepreneurs find partners, and businesses might even find customers. 

Networking in coworking spaces is not just based on sharing physical space, though. The best coworking spaces also provide a digital platform where their members can share ideas, find recommendations, boost their businesses and, well, network.

Lower Stress

Studies prove that stress level is higher in typical and traditional offices where workers are bound by many rules and restrictions. Modern tech savvy workforce feels more comfortable when working without any limitations or restriction of time or working hours. As surprising as it may sound, working without any such pressure actually helps them complete their tasks on time. 

Bigger Opportunities

Other than networking opportunities, coworking spaces are also big enough to accommodate your events such as conferences or partner meetings. These spaces are fully equipped with high-tech conference rooms and necessary technology required to make it a successful event.

To sum up, coworking spaces are places where both corporate and freelancing workers can thrive considering the swiftly changing work trends and organizational structures. And they rock!


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