Feedback Friday: The Benefits of a Day for Collaborative Communication

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 9/9/2016 8:11:39 PM


Feedback Friday: The Benefits of a Day for Collaborative Communication

The most important components of a company or business are its people. How they perform, is what determines the success or failure of a business.

It incidentally comes as no surprise that the most successful companies are the ones that are built and thrive on feedback. Through feedback, companies can get their weaknesses and strengths highlighted and act on them accordingly. 

Many companies recognize the importance of feedback, yet have a hard time incorporating it into their routines. This is where ‘Feedback Friday’ comes in. A day dedicated to feedback and collaborative communication. 

The Importance of Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of communication and can be used to make better decisions, on any matter. Whether it is constructive or positive, feedback is always helpful in achieving and maintaining an ideal standard of performance. It is an extremely powerful management tool that informs people of others’ and the company’s perception of their performance.

People often balk at the thought of negative (or as most of us like to call it, ‘constructive’) feedback. However, it is important to note that even the most negative of feedback can yield the most positive of results.

The Concept of ‘Feedback Friday’

Every company, business or organization can benefit from feedback. And one of the best ways to get and supply feedback is to have a specific time, when employees can get together and discuss the past week. It is interesting to note that once a time like this has been set aside, people are also likely to start self-evaluating their performance ahead of the feedback sessions. This, in turn, leads to an increased self-awareness on matters that may require improvement, so feedback from others may not need to be as blunt or harsh as it otherwise might have to be.

While feedback sessions could be scheduled for any day of the week, we have found a good time to be the last day of the week when all the major weekly work has been completed and employees can sit and reflect on what went on during the week.

A very wide range of topics, ideas, problems and their solutions can be discussed at ‘Feedback Friday.’ This type of team collaboration will bring many issues to the forefront. Problems such as a lapse in communication or disagreement between the team during the week can be highlighted and discussed in such a meeting. As a result, these sessions will often have a positive impact on overall effective team communication, in addition to personal and team performance.

Issues That Can be Addressed on ‘Feedback Friday’

There are multiple issues that can be addressed during a ‘Feedback Friday’ meeting. Below is a list of issues and questions that could be talked about:

  1. The individual and general achievements of an employee and group/department
  2. The observation regarding performance of employees
  3. The best possible usage of the available time
  4. The quality of relationships with managers and coordinators etc.
  5. Problems within each department or the company as a whole
  6. The solutions to these problems

It is safe to say that as an integral part of communication, feedback can provide some much needed insight into an employee’s role and/or the company’s functioning. Having one specific day where different people can gather and come up with joint solutions through feedback is enormously beneficial for all.

Benefits of Ongoing Collaboration

There are a plethora of benefits to having a specific day for discussion, reflection and introspection. However, communication and collaboration between employees on a daily basis are also important and lead to many benefits. So it is a good idea for employers not to rely on just one day, or concept, such as ‘Feedback Friday.’

What this means is that it is just as important to provide practical and constant channels that allow everyone to communicate easily with each other every single day. This is where digital collaboration platforms, such as Intraboom, come in. Allowing employees to see what everyone is working on and comment on what they are doing create a motivating and transparent atmosphere at the workplace.

Suppose there are a group of employees from different departments. They believe that there are issues within each respective department or the company as a whole. Having a digital platform available is an especially viable and beneficial solution for them as they might not be able to meet for such discussions during the week, being in different departments. Intraboom provides a good platform for them to exchange solutions for each respective department’s or the company’s issues from a neutral standpoint.

In conclusion, if you haven’t already, consider introducing a dedicated time during week for giving and receiving feedback. And beyond that, make sure you are providing a simple and easy way for your people to communicate as a team. If you are not yet familiar with Intraboom, now’s the time to take a look:

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