Getting Rid of 'The Toggle' Will Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 8/29/2017 9:18:38 PM

Best-Tools-To-Boost-Team-Productivity-by-Intraboom.jpgGetting Rid of 'The Toggle' Will Boost Your Team’s Productivity

A different platform for each finger on your hand. According to a Spiceworks Survey commissioned by Lifesize, companies are using an average of 4.4 systems to run their business. And that means the all too familiar and incredibly irritating “toggle.” You’re leaving system #1 to get information from system #2, so you can store it in system #3, then let everyone know about it in system #4. And what did the rest of your team do while you were running around looking for material that you can’t quite remember which platform to find it on? Be sure to check out all 4.4 systems to find out.  

Oh, and here’s the really bad news about all that toggling. It’s costing you money. And it’s about to get way worse with the shift to mobile. By the year 2025, Deloitte estimates that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. And since 45.7% of those millennials already prefer accessing the internet on their phones, and 96.1% of them expect that the use of mobile technology in the workplace will increase, it’s inevitable that the future of work apps is on mobile. And as you can imagine, the only thing worse than hopping back and forth between tabs and systems is trying to do that on a tiny phone screen. The toggle just isn’t going to cut it. So what can you actually do about it? A few things… 

Select An All-In-One Digital Workplace

You see a lot of software that’s great for communicating, but then it takes you into a different app to access your files, appointments and tasks. All-in-one platforms let you access all that within one app. The more functionality a platform has, the more you’ll actually be in there. And the more that people are in there, the more reliable that destination becomes for real-time information. There’s a compounding positive effect that helps your company across the board.     

Prioritize User Experience

Consumers love social media interfaces because they’re extremely user friendly, and a lot of this intuitive user experience is starting to find its way into business software. This is a good thing. The easier these systems are to use on the fly, the more people will actually be updating colleagues rather than waiting until they’re back in front of their computer. So by increasing user friendliness, you’re also increasing the speed of information flow. The companies that do the best job enabling today’s “now culture” will win, especially those with a Bring Your Own Device program that helps employees work in their comfort zone, and those who dodge the bulkier corporate tools you need IT to configure.

Let Loose

We’re all social creatures and having a little rapport can be healthy. It’s why social enterprise became huge. But when you have to leave your work platform to blow off steam or riff with your co-worker, you’re really just adding to the toggle. People are going to socialize regardless, so why not lean into it. Collaboration software with a social element can not only improve morale and retention, while of course, decreasing the toggle.


We all know mobile is what everyone wants, and the toggle is what everyone hates. If you haven’t already, we welcome you try out the pioneer application in this space, the all-in-one digital workplace – Intraboom!  

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