How Online Team Collaboration Tools Impact Workplace Success

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 1/8/2016 5:08:00 PM


How Online Team Collaboration Tools Impact Workplace Success

Effective collaboration in the workplace is a surefire sign of a high-functioning and effective team. In the past, pushing better collaboration meant that companies needed to get rid of office cubicles and force teams to work – resulting in an abundance of meetings where teams came together face to face. Although this approach worked for some, for most of us it meant filling up your calendar with meeting after meeting that was so focused on collaboration that nothing really got done. This, in turn, prompted innovative minds to place an emphasis on collaborative balance. Through technology, social tools, and collaborative means, employees can work together when they need to, and still take advantage of privacy to complete individual tasks.

With the right technology, employees don't even need to be in the same room to access real-time communication, shared information, and work towards a shared goal. However, before you can begin implementing new strategies into your organization, you may want to understand how team collaboration leads directly to workplace success.

Companies Move More Effectively Towards Their Goals

First and foremost, 97% of executives and employees agree that collaboration has a direct impact on the outcome of a project. Through open collaboration, teams and departments can communicate seamlessly and work at their most effective levels. The most effective workplaces of today balance team collaboration with opportunities for individual focus - as not every employee will thrive through constant contact with coworkers. Collaboration technology allows for a balance to be produced by linking users when it makes sense - rather than focusing on constant exposure.

Improved Creativity and Learning

Some workers find that their creativity thrives in a team, as brainstorming ideas prevents viewpoints from becoming stale, and gives access to new perspectives. Teamwork maximizes the shared knowledge and skills within a team, and creates a sense of enthusiasm that most solitary work typically lacks. Many workers find that by engaging in projects with a team, they learn new skills that can be used for the remainder of their career.

Better Flexibility

Studies have shown that 97% of great ideas come from outside of the workplace. With collaboration technology, workers are able to make the most of their sudden bursts of productivity and creativity. Rather than needing to be in the office, they can check their collaborative dashboard for latest activities, engage in social networking, and contribute easily with a quick comment.

Within moments, collaborative technology can set up the perfect bridge between team members, other members of staff, and even customers or clients at the same time. What’s most important, this can all be done instantly without a need to arrange a meeting.

Appeal to The Tech Savvy

In most industries, many of the younger, and more technologically savvy employees are likely to be drawn towards companies that make use of collaboration technology - as they already live in a world populated by tech. Millennials are particularly supportive of collaboration techniques for improving productivity, and many enjoy using social tools for workplace connectivity. As Millennials are about to take over the workforce, employers need to sit up and take notice if they want to attract fresh talent to their business.

Companies Build Trust

Using collaboration forces workers to rely on other people, therefore building trust through teamwork and joint projects. By working with others, despite the occasional disagreements that may occur, a team is likely to develop strong relationships and enjoy their time together. What's more, having trust in your teammates allows for a feeling of security which can allow out-of-the-box thinking to emerge.

Great teams strengthen individual members to create a more cohesive and productive group. By working together, employees discover that losses and wins have an impact on everyone in the team - which can make them more passionate about their work. Social networking at the workplace creates a sense of belonging, which in turn creates a better work atmosphere, which is likely to keep employees motivated and happy.



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