Ready... Set... #SquadGoals!!!

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Having and meeting #SquadGoals at the workplace

The secret of success for any organization is an employee that’s happy and content in their environment and possesses a strong drive to succeed because of it. In turn, the secret to keeping the employee happy, is a workplace environment that is positive, optimistic and encouraging, and the secret to doing that is to establish effective team communication.

Communication goes a long way in improving team collaboration, taking stress off work and putting some fun into it. And the best way to accomplish all that in this day and age is to have an active team with some serious #SquadGoals!

As with any squad, when more than one person works towards the same ideal, the chances of success increase in proportion. And it doesn’t necessarily have to involve wearing the same funny hat to work every day for the rest of the week!

As a starting point, make sure your squad has access to an effective (but fun to use) intra office communication system or cloud intranet. This sort of communication has an unbeaten track record at improving the workplace environment. But in order to cultivate such benefits, you have to follow certain steps and develop a squad with goals and a common mission.

Given below are the steps that not only help make work fun but result in a hitherto unseen comradery that makes the office a wonderful place to work and be in.

1. Start a squad

The first and foremost is to obviously form a team of individuals. They don’t have to come from the same room or even the same department. All you need is a group of people interested in working together to accomplish similar goals and you have your very own squad! It is very important to have people of somewhat different mindsets though, as everyone will have something different to bring to the table. If everyone thinks in the same way, then constructive criticism can be almost nonexistent and that will lead to failure to progress further in your goals.

2. Begin sharing ideas

Discuss ideas amongst your newly formed squad. The easiest way to do it is, of course, is by using online collaboration tools that allows users to create new discussions on the fly. Ask everyone to bring their best ideas forward. When a group of people come together in such a way, a plethora of innovations can occur. The important thing to note and work on here is that you’re all different and you have all come together towards a common ideal and so you will be many times more effective than any individual mind.

3. Set some goals

Every squad needs goals to accomplish and yours is no different. It can be anything, from increasing sales or learning something new, to the forming of a new workplace activity like an in-house Taco Tuesday! Setting up goals will give your squad a sense of purpose true to the hashtag! Remember, it is #SquadGoals though. Everyone needs to be on the same page about the goal in mind so it is a good idea to talk it out with your squad beforehand and ensure that everyone has a complete understanding of the mission. Set realistic goals as well and bend the rules to an extent if you must; anything to get to where you want!

4. Communicate regularly

Communication, although important in almost every walk of life, professional or otherwise, is doubly important among your squad. You are, after all, a closely knit group. You aspire to do almost everything together and you might find that difficult to accomplish if you do not have sufficient face time with the members of your squad. Make use of the intra office communication system, talk about all your ongoing work, how to manage it while progressing to your goals and how to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

5. Celebrate achievements

Any accomplishment, big or small, loses its charm if it’s not celebrated adequately. Therefore it is paramount to celebrate the achievement of your #SquadGoals with a small get-together (don’t forget the occasional champagne and cupcakes!) or simply a tweet, Instagram or Snapchat post with a picture of your squad in all its glory! It will do wonders in bringing all the squad members close together as one cohesive unit. The ‘likes’ and ‘reposts’ will be an additional reward that functions as a highly effective morale booster as well.

6. Set your next set of goals

Once your current mission is accomplished, set newer, bigger and better, or simply, different goals for the future. This will ensure intellectual and material progress and deeply root the sense of solidarity within your team members. It is necessary to have meetings beforehand, discuss the new ideas in innovative brainstorming sessions and make sure everyone knows and has a clear understanding of their own individual duties. After the meetings are done and everyone knows their part, make regular use of the communication systems in place to maintain effective collaboration among your squad members.

This set of instructions will assure functioning of your squad like a well-oiled, innovative and creative machine. However, there are some things of importance to note. As with every job at hand, there are some ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ to forming a squad, setting goals and achieving them. Below is a list of pointers you will need to follow to make sure there are no issues in the system where your squad is concerned.

Adapt To Your Squad Members’ Work Style

Everyone has a different style of work and it is important for each member to get used to the others’ working style. This will ensure that each member has knowledge on how the other works and therefore, everyone will be able to provide feedback as needed.

Appreciate Your Squad Members’ Efforts

A little appreciation goes a long way and since this is your squad in question, each appreciative word will go on to benefit the rest of the squad as well. Send appreciative messages on the various communication channels, anything to make the squad members feel good about themselves or their work.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Since you are a closely knit group, each member can improve the other’s performance by providing good constructive feedback. This way, there will be no outside influence and all the issues will be discussed and resolved within the squad.

Avoid Office Politics

Do not indulge in issues that do not directly involve you or your squad within the workplace. This distracts each individual from the set goals and in the long run, it may be cause your squad to break apart. It is a good idea to avoid workplace politics completely.

Having such a collaborative team within a workplace is vastly beneficial to the company and to your personal development as well. So go ahead, form a squad and rock some #SquadGoals!

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