Top 3 Tips for Effective Task Management on a Team Level

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 4/19/2018 9:58:35 PM


Top 3 Tips for Effective Task Management on team Level


Task management in today’s digital world has become more and more complex. This is mainly due to the fact that we rely on multiple channels of communication that can, at least to some degree, be overlapping while simultaneously creating gaps and inefficiencies.

The biggest risk in managing team tasks is that some members are being updated about the progress of a project while others are being left out. Another risk is choosing a method that is burdensome or complex, leaving team members demotivated to keep themselves in the loop.

Let’s have a look at some of the best tips on how to manage tasks effectively on team level.

1. Re-Design the Way We Think


The digital transformation that the world has seen in recent years has forced us to re-evaluate our way of doing business. We have had to re-design our business strategies and the method of rewarding our employees. It has prompted the businesses today to recognize merit and potential as key indicators of progress.

Since teamwork these days often takes place in a digital environment, where team members can contribute at their convenience, it’s important to clearly assign tasks to individuals, rather than the team as a whole. As the saying goes, “shared responsibility is no responsibility.”

Consequently, rewards should be based on an employee’s own performance rather than overall performance of the team. Each team member should be responsible for their own tasks and regular updates should be expected from them, to keep everyone in the loop about the progress.

2. An All-Inclusive App that beats Email


Task management becomes a lot easier if all the communication takes place on a single app, rather than several overlapping systems, including emails. In fact, an all-inclusive app can replace emails in team communication altogether. One of the major risks in using email to manage team tasks is that someone is left out of the cc-field and falls out of the loop. Additionally, it may be difficult to coordinate the latest versions of documents and input, if the communication is taking place on 4-5 different channels and software systems.


Through an all-in one app such as Intraboom, the whole team can communicate with one another and share their files, schedules and tasks as well. In this way, everyone stays updated in real time. The hassle of checking each email and the risk of someone falling off the email chain can be eliminated entirely.

One application for all needs of the team members also ensures that everyone stays on top of the context of their conversations. Many issues related to creating unnecessary silos and team members going in different directions can be eliminated by selecting one official digital space for all members of the team.

3. Simple is Beautiful

When selecting your all-in-one app, remember that it can only be effective if the adoption and engagement rate is high. This means you will have to get not only the most tech-savvy employees to use it, but also – and perhaps more importantly - the least tech-savvy ones.

Choosing software that mirrors user behaviors (instead of forcing new ones) tends to be the best strategy. Implementing a simple, all-inclusive digital workplace solution can quickly drive up employee engagement and bring teamwork to a new level.


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