Time Management Hacks to Optimize Your Work Week

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 1/30/2018 10:58:35 PM

Time Management Hacks by Intraboom

Time Management Hacks To Optimize Your Work Week


We spend so much time learning HOW to do our jobs, but never any time learning WHEN to do your jobs. And it turns out, it’s when you work that might make all the difference.


Here are a few time management hacks to consider when scheduling your work week.


Know Thyself


We’ve all heard of “morning people” and “night owls, so you can obviously stack the deck in your by tweaking your workday accordingly. But the nature of the work is also important.


Some people have great “detail brains” in the morning, while others are more creative in the afternoon. Then you have the “lunch coma” people who can’t do 2:00 meetings, but can still be productive returning emails during that window.


So doing the right task at the right time, and saving others for when you’re running on empty could save the day. 


Working Smarter


Your mom probably told you “everything in moderation” when she was talking about dessert. But you might be surprised to learn that actually applies to work, too.


How to Increase Productivity at Work

In fact, a 2014 study on overworked employees showed that employees generate the same amount of productivity during a 55 hour work week vs. a 70 hour work week.

So instead of working more, try to work smarter. Something as simple as a mobile intranet for your company helps you spend less time looking for work stuff, helps eliminate unnecessary meetings, and gets everyone working off the same information at the same time.      

Working Together

We all spend so much time focusing on our to-do list, sometimes we forget to consider that of others. Sometimes your work product is influenced by a deliverable from someone else.

Some intranets will give you the transparency to actually see what’s on everyone’s plate to get a sense for how, and when, everything comes together.

Best Time Management Apps for Work Productivity

And as for the big picture, some intranets will have a bulletin where you can see and announce big picture initiatives. So knowing when that big project is coming down the pipe can really help put your feet to the fire on those pesky odds and ends. 


We all have a strike zone in which we’re naturally most productive.

So be sure to know when yours is, then start using the rest of your time smarter.


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