How Consultants Are Benefiting From Digital Workplaces

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 6/7/2018 1:10:28 AM

A digital workplace fosters teamwork and empowers employees. But it also allows consultants to connect directly with their clients, thereby drastically improving the service experience. In this eBook, we will take a look at how consultants are utilizing digital workplaces to benefit their business.

Top 3 Tips for Effective Task Management on a Team Level

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 4/19/2018 9:58:35 PM

Task management in today's digital world has become more and more complex. This is mainly due to the fact that we rely on multiple channels of communication that can, at least to some degree, be overlapping while simultaneously creating gaps and inefficiencies.

How E-Learning Crushed Face-to-Face

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 4/12/2018 4:59:52 PM

OnDemand culture has changed the game. At first, we needed everything "now," then we needed everything "yesterday," but today we don't even need to specify a time, because online, we can have access to content whenever we want it. The continuing education market is riding that wave with E-Learning, which is basically learning on demand. And not only is it more convenient, but The Research Institute of America estimates that online learning increases retention by 25-60% (!). So let's take a look at a few of the reasons why online learning is so effective and appealing. 

Time Management Hacks to Optimize Your Work Week

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 1/30/2018 10:58:35 PM

We spend so much time learning HOW to do our jobs, but never any time learning WHEN to do your jobs. And it turns out, it’s when you work that might make all the difference.


Here are a few time management hacks to consider when scheduling your work week.

How to Get the Most Out of Collaboration Software

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 11/16/2017 8:22:05 PM

Whether you’re sharing files remotely or communicating with team members around the world, collaboration software is a critical part of today’s global workforce. But once you have collaboration software in place, here are a few practical ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Employees With Mobile Intranet

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 11/3/2017 9:11:36 PM

Disengaged employees are a real problem in today's workforce. In fact, a 2016 Gallup report estimates that just 32.5% of the US workforce is actually engaged, leaving 67.5% of it disengaged. And the Engagement Institute estimates these disengaged employees are costing US businesses $450-550 billion per year. But how do you actually get your employees to engage and connect beyond the water cooler? There's one solution that's way easier than you might think. And that solution lies in choosing the right mobile intranet.

Getting Rid of 'The Toggle' Will Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 8/29/2017 9:18:38 PM

You’re leaving system #1 to get information from system #2, so you can store it in system #3, then let everyone know about it in system #4. And what did the rest of your team do while you were running around looking for material that you can’t quite remember which platform to find it on? Be sure to check out all 4.4 systems to find out.

Why Business Software Should Mirror User Behaviors …and Not the Other Way Around

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 7/5/2017 4:50:02 PM

Businesses today have to provide fast, flexible solutions to their employees while being mindful of their return on investment and total cost of ownership. However, despite investing significant sums of money on developing feature-rich, powerful software, businesses often remain unable to extract their desired value from their investment because of poor user acceptance. 

Using Too Many Systems is Hurting Your Business

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 5/16/2017 5:10:58 PM

Why You Need a Centralized Collaboration Platform to Streamline Your Business Processes

Most executives already know that a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a project. In fact, according to a report published by Fierce, Inc., 86% of employees cite lack of collaboration as the main reason for workplace failures.

Choosing Collaboration Software That People Will Actually Use

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 2/27/2017 7:50:07 PM

Today’s tech-savvy employees prefer using their personal devices and intuitive social media apps over hard-to-use enterprise collaboration tools. As a result, most businesses remain unsuccessful at realizing the true benefits promised by collaborative technology. This is the concern addressed by this whitepaper.

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