Top 3 Tips for Effective Task Management on a Team Level

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 4/19/2018 9:58:35 PM

Task management in today's digital world has become more and more complex. This is mainly due to the fact that we rely on multiple channels of communication that can, at least to some degree, be overlapping while simultaneously creating gaps and inefficiencies.

The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Employees With Mobile Intranet

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 11/3/2017 9:11:36 PM

Disengaged employees are a real problem in today's workforce. In fact, a 2016 Gallup report estimates that just 32.5% of the US workforce is actually engaged, leaving 67.5% of it disengaged. And the Engagement Institute estimates these disengaged employees are costing US businesses $450-550 billion per year. But how do you actually get your employees to engage and connect beyond the water cooler? There's one solution that's way easier than you might think. And that solution lies in choosing the right mobile intranet.

5 Reasons We Suck at Teamwork

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 4/23/2017 12:50:07 PM

Often, we believe in ourselves and our skills so profoundly that we are willing to take on just about anything on our own. As a result, we sometimes forget that one person is simply not enough. Companies, organizations, and businesses rely on teams - not just individuals - to reach their goals.


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Which Type of Communicator Are You?

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 2/7/2017 6:18:31 PM

When you're working on a team, nothing is quite as important as understanding how to convey your message (and hear everyone else's.) Unfortunately, not everyone communicates the same way, and there are hurdles to overcome when dealing with different types of communicators. Why is it important to understand what kind of communicators are on your team? Simply put, because it affects the bottom line. Towers Watson report from 2014 reported that organizations with effective communication and change management are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers. (Big surprise.)

Why Digital Networking Is Important (and How to Master It)

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 10/17/2016 1:44:36 PM

When LinkedIn launched its service in 2003, many of us thought they were nuts. I will be the first to admit I was not an early adaptor. Taking the time to ”connect” with people on the platform seemed pointless: ”OK, so now we’re connected on LinkedIn, now what?” Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

5 Ways to Empower Your Team

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 9/27/2016 6:22:55 PM

It takes a powerful team to drive any organization towards success, and powerful teams can only be created by a strong leadership and engaged members. While each member of the team brings a set of capabilities, many leaders fail to provide the right platform where those capabilities are efficiently utilized. This results in decreased employee morale and productivity.

Feedback Friday: The Benefits of a Day for Collaborative Communication

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 9/9/2016 8:11:39 PM

The most important components of a company or business are its people. How they perform, is what determines the success or failure of a business.

It incidentally comes as no surprise that the most successful companies are the ones that are built and thrive on feedback. Through feedback, companies can get their weaknesses and strengths highlighted and act on them accordingly. 


Ready... Set... #SquadGoals!!!

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 6/10/2016 1:44:36 PM

The secret of success for any organization is an employee that’s happy and content in their environment and possesses a strong drive to succeed because of it. In turn, the secret to keeping the employee happy, is a workplace environment that is positive, optimistic and encouraging, and the secret to doing that is to establish effective team communication.

How Online Team Collaboration Tools Impact Workplace Success

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 1/8/2016 5:08:00 PM

Effective collaboration in the workplace is a surefire sign of a high-functioning and effective team. In the past, pushing better collaboration meant that companies needed to get rid of office cubicles and force teams to work – resulting in an abundance of meetings where teams came together face to face. Although this approach worked for some, for most of us it meant filling up your calendar with meeting after meeting that was so focused on collaboration that nothing really got done. This, in turn, prompted innovative minds to place an emphasis on collaborative balance. Through technology, social tools, and collaborative means, employees can work together when they need to, and still take advantage of privacy to complete individual tasks.

With the right technology, employees don't even need to be in the same room to access real-time communication, shared information, and work towards a shared goal. However, before you can begin implementing new strategies into your organization, you may want to understand how team collaboration leads directly to workplace success.

Manage Less, Produce More: A look into Effective Online Collaboration

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 10/6/2015 1:34:00 PM

The professional environment has changed. In the past, you would work only with the people who shared a physical space with you. A long-distance collaboration took place over expensive long-distance phone calls and slow physical mail. Expensive plane rides were necessary to work on items while sharing the same place. 

As we’ve found new ways to communicate, we’ve developed new tools to allow people to work on projects together no matter how many miles there are between them. The result has been the chance to collaborate with the best minds you have available, no matter how far away they are and what time it is in their part of the world. Each type of communication has unique benefits and drawbacks that influence how well they will work for your specific situation. 


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