Best Intranet Solutions For Small Business

Posted by Christine Ziebell on 11/17/2015 3:30:00 PM


Best Intranet Solutions For Small Business

It's safe to say we're living in an era where information is crucial to success, however in spite of this, many businesses - both large and small - sometimes struggle to store all of the data they need in an efficient and reliable way. Fortunately, that's one of the issues that the intranet solutions of today aim to fix.

These days, many corporations invest in their own intranet - a solution that acts as the hub for a business, providing employees with a central place to store and find documentation, discussions, templates, and other materials relevant to the company. Access to an intranet means that internal communications within an organization can simplify, allowing more room for successful growth as productivity thrives. A traditional intranet allows a company to efficiently handle “top down” communication, but those who really want to take internal communication to the next level will implement a communication platform that allows for two-way communication and collaboration. Following are just some of the reasons why all companies should consider having an intranet – and preferably a two-way solution.

1. Productivity

At a surface level, an intranet provides a center base for employees, giving them crucial access to the tools and information that they need each day when performing important tasks. With the right tools, an intranet can go a long way in enhancing productivity, by helping to organize events and meetings, assign outstanding tasks, spark new discussions, store crucial documents and share vital news.

2. Corporate Communications

Because an intranet acts as an employees' main window into corporate information and tools, while occupying very little space, it offers a great solution to help management communicate with employees. For example, imagine a corporation that employs the work of freelancers around the world - when everyone logs into the same intranet, the management has the opportunity to publish universal announcements, inform people about new policies, and initiatives, communicate company goals, and even recognize employees conducting outstanding work. An important “side-effect” of a great intranet solution is de-cluttering your email – especially from the “reply all” messages,

3. Collaboration 

Similarly to how intranet solutions can help to bridge the gap between management and other staff members, modern options have social and collaborative tools built into them. This means that not only do employees have the ability to access work-relevant information, but they can also work on it with other employees within the intranet. Networking solutions allow employees to reach out to other members of staff and make use of their varied competencies and skills, without having to reach out to corporate hierarchies. It also helps build a cohesive and positive team spirit among employees.

4. Reducing Wasted Time

If you have documents that are edited by multiple people, keeping track of which version is the "live" one can be difficult if the files float from one computer's hard drive to the next. Trying to track down who has the current file is a waste of time, and if the person who has it calls in sick, work can grind to a halt.

 An intranet can be set up as a central repository for files of all types so employees never have a reason to work on a file offline. Working files are always available to everyone who needs to access them. Permissions controls can ensure that only the people who <em>need</em> to work on a file can see or alter it, and centralizing your file organization allows better versioning control, so everyone knows which file is most up to date.

 Centralizing schedules on an intranet can save time, too. Without a central hub, some employees will track meeting, project, and vacation schedules on whatever calendar feature the company email might have. Others will use Google Calendar. Still others will rely on pen and paper. Human nature being what it is, meetings will be missed, deadlines will fly past, and time will be wasted. An intranet can be configured so that employees are notified first thing every morning exactly what meetings are scheduled, who is out of the office, and what projects are coming due.

5. Constant Evolution

Over the years, Intranets have seen considerable evolutions, and now consist of rich, easy to navigate, and intuitive environments for every member of the team. The tools are constantly evolving, aiming at smarter working across teams, speeding up delivery of projects, and joining businesses together. A great intranet solution will allow you to also build “extranets” for client communications. An extranet solution can bring the efficiency of project collaboration to a whole new level, by promoting engagement among project members and bringing all the relevant project materials to everyone’s reach.

Accessing Intranet Solutions

According to the information giant, Microsoft - a company must be filled with members of staff all working towards the same long and short-term goals to ensure success. If every person within an organization aligns in their efforts, the chances are that you will reach your goals more quickly, and with better results.

By building an intranet, small and medium businesses, just like larger companies, can provide solutions for employees and managers to share information across the board. Not only does this make it easier to organize efforts and share information, but as part of an intranet organization, employees can communicate more effectively, leading to improved collaboration, and less confusion throughout the company.

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